I was a Creative Marketing Intern with during the summer of 2017 as part of my fellowship with the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program at U of M. is a tech startup based in Farmington Hills, MI. They connect homeowners to home service professionals. Being a startup, I was able to work across disciplines and teams. While I primarily worked with the marketing director, I also worked with the developers, project managers, and an external SEO company. 

My responsibilities:

  • Work with developers to create visual assets for web and mobile product. 

  • Strengthen and refine the existing brand

  • Develop and implement social media and email campaigns and visual assets required

  • Create and animate an instructional video to assist project managers in the home professional onboarding process. 

  • Work with external company to improve and optimize SEO

Social Media / Email Marketing Graphics

To strengthen the visual identity, I developed a set of icons and illustration style. These ten represent the main service areas that we were promoting at that time. 

Web Assets

I used the illustration style above to create artwork for our website. I worked with the head of marketing and the dev team to determine what was needed and how we could restructure information on the website for clarity. Below are visual mockups including the new artwork and organization.

Animated Video

When a home professional joined our site, our project managers would have to walk them through the onboarding process and explain how to use our app over the phone before taking them through a mock order. This took too much time. As we expected more service pro sign ups we needed something to eliminate that step. 

I worked with the project managers to understand the process and create a video that could serve as an introduction and explanation of what we do, and how service professionals can use our platform. 

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