Kraken Foods 

Brand Design and Packaging

About Kraken

Kraken Foods is a startup working  to end aesthetically motivated food waste.  The majority of the food wasted on farms or in packaging facilities is edible, yet is rejected because it doesn’t pass the cosmetic standards to be sold in grocery stores.


We are repurposing  this food by creating a juice brand that transforms the “ugly” fruits and vegetables into a useful product that has a longer shelf life than the raw produce alone.  One 16oz. bottle of juice diverts two pounds of waste from a landfill.

Some fruits and vegetables are ugly, we think they deserve a chance. 

My Role

I worked with Kraken founder, KIley Judge, for 10 months to help with the creation of a brand and product. My work included developing a visual identity, creating promotional materials and presentations for stakeholders, and creating sustainable packaging options for when she had the funding to move forward with her product. 

Year: 2016-2017

Logo Development 

We wanted our brand to be bold and fun, in addition to having a great mission. We wanted to stand out from other natural, organic companies. With a name as association-heavy as Kraken, we decided against any imagery in the mark itself, settling on a heavy lowercase logotype. 


View complete branding guidelines here

Final Logo Realization

Abbreviated Logo

Typography and Colors
Pattern and Photography
Brand Application

Below I've shown examples of how the visual identity can be applied to print collateral and potential advertisements. We also demonstrated the voice we wanted to use when talking about our product, and thought of how our brand could promote sustainability in other ways, such as reusable bags. 

Stationary System

Business Cards and Envelopes


Magazine Ad

Tshirt Mockups

Reusable Grocery Bags

Packaging Concepts

It was important to us that we weren't saving fruits and vegetables from a landfill, only to produce plastic waste with our packaging. We crossed traditional plastic bottles off our list and looked into other material options. 

We compared glass bottles and cardboard cartons as alternatives. We considered factors such as cost, pasteurization options, shipping, and shelf life. 

Below shows my iterations and final concept using cardboard cartons. 

Sketches and Iterations

Final Concept

Flat Template

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