Law Quadrangle Magazine Design

Spring 2018 Issue

The Legal Climate of Climate Change

This issue of the Law Quadrangle magazine was focused on climate change and how it relates to different aspects of law and policy. It was stressed to us by the writers that they wanted the cover to be neutral on the issue, and they did not want it to look like the "Environmental Issue" of the magazine. 

We wanted the cover illustration concept to demonstrate the complexities and depth of the issue. For the typography, we played with different versions of the title, finally settling on just the word "Change."  

For this project, I worked with the art director and multimedia design team to develop concepts, and met with them for feedback throughout the cover design process. After creating the cover artwork, I created section headers and stylized the headshots in the same double exposure, collaged style. After I completed the cover design and artwork for the internal sections, the art director completed the final layout of the magazine. 

Section Header - Policy
Section Header - Energy
Section Header - Finance
Section Header - Water
Section Header - Preparedness and Recovery

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Sara Ciaramella