Flipboard Visual Redesign

KPCB Fellows - Design Challenge


I completed this case study as part of my application for the 2018 KPCB Design Fellows program. This was not solicited by Flipboard, nor do I work there. Our challenge was to redesign any aspect of a KPCB company's product. Because my background is primarily in graphic design, I chose a visual UI approach. 

Overview of current mobile design and experience

Comparison of web and mobile

Analysis of the Current Product

I chose to redesign Flipboard for a few reasons. First, I use their product regularly and am interested in the translation of a traditional print media to a digital experience. Second, I think there are a few small changes that could improve the experience of their product.

To preface my process, I would like to say that I relied on my personal experience with the app to inform the improvements I was making, and not real user data. I'm using my experience to propose a solution that improves the visual interest, clarity of information, and desire to use the product. 

I started by comparing experiences on web and on mobile. I found that the app did a better job of utilizing photography and visual elements to draw my attention to articles. I didn't have the same experience on the web. 

I decided to focus on the website for this redesign and identified key areas to focus on. 

Explanation of Visual Elements

Based on each of the areas mentioned above, I broke down the purpose of each section and what I wanted to accomplish with each. Below is each element and an explanation of my design decisions for each.

Full Visual Mockup

Feature Focus: The Daily Edition

After redesigning the home page, I also wanted to focus on the Daily Edition in particular. This content is updated daily and sectioned off by specific topics such as business, world news, technology and sports. I wanted to resolve many of the same issues of consistency above, while visually showing that this is it's own section of content. 

Explanation of Visual Elements

Below is the breakdown of the design decisions I made for this section. I thought about the interaction of finding this content on your home page, and how it carries over to the individual section. 

Full Visual Mockup

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