Print Publication & Exhibition Collateral

Project Overview


2016, Completed as an exercise in Print Publication Design with professor Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo

Project Goal:

Research an artist or designer, write and design a book about them as if it were sold at their museum exhibition. 

My Approach:

I chose to research one of the designers that inspires me, Jessica Walsh. To frame my writing, I created a hypothetical exhibition that would feature her personal project with designer Timothy Goodman, titled 12 Kinds of Kindness. 

The exhibition catalog includes her personal history, work history, commercial work, and personal work. The rest of the collateral consists of an event invitation, poster, brochure, and a concept for the museum facade. 

See my full process throughout this project here

Full Publication
Printed Material 

Exhibition Catalog

Printed Collateral

Event Invitation (5 x 7 in.)

Poster (17 x 22 in.)

Museum Facade Concept

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